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Our Isolationist Foreign Policy

October 31, 2008

In case you missed it, which you probably did considering how little news coverage it received, on October 27th, the US launched a cross-border raid from Iraq into Syria.  In this attack, they killed at least 6 people, one of them who was supposedly a key figure in smuggling foreign fighters into Iraq from Syria.

Then, today, the US launched 2 separate missle attacks from unmanned drones that killed over 20 people, one of them an Al Qaeda leader, in Pakistan.

Both of these acts were carried out across the Iraqi border, into Syria and Pakistan, respectively.

And you wonder why we’re hated in the Middle East?  We completely disregard international law, violate the borders of other countries, and are willing to kill civilians to get a supposed Al Qaeda operative.

Does anyone believe that these raids are actually helping quell the insurgency?  If anything, they are creating more hatred and resentment directed towards the US, which in turn inspires people to fight against us.

We need a foreign policy that uses diplomacy and negotiations, not brute force and bullying other countries.  These raids might help killing insurgents in the short term, but in the long run, they are adding multiple fighters for every one we kill.

Our goal should be stabilizing Iraq and then getting out.  We should use diplomacy and not sanctions and force to promote change in the region.

Some people feel it is the duty of the US to be the world police because we are the only remaining “super power.”  However, this policy is isolating us from the rest of the world, straining alliances, and costing us trillions of dollars.  We need to end our empire, bring our troops home, and promote peace and change by example and through diplomacy.