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My Generation On Israel

December 27, 2008

Today, there was some major news coming from the Israel-Palestinian front.  A cease fire had expired last week, and southern Israel was getting bombarded by rockets launched by Hamas.  Israel responded by bombing police stations and security related targets all over Gaza, killing up to 250 and injuring 750 others.

The Bush Administration urged “restraint,” and the EU said they did not condone the actions of Israel.

The big problem facing Barack and the ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict is that many of the supporters of Obama were my age or younger.  I’m 28 and I only read about the Holocaust and the creation of Israel in textbooks.  I never experienced the Cold War or any of the other Arab/Israel wars either.  It is hard for me to find sympathy for Israel when they are using fighter jets to bomb a police station.  Sounds like a use of excessive force if you ask me.

Much of the younger population, especially those that voted for Obama, feel the same way as I do.  We do not understand the complicated history of Israel and it’s neighbors and we do not understand why there can’t be peace.  In our eyes, Israel is just as much of a problem as Hamas in terms of not being able to keep the peace.

This provides hope, however, because the up and coming generation will be able to listen to the Palestinians and their needs and be able to broker or bring about peace.  The current regime and those in power in the U.S. backs Israel unilaterally, and will not even try to make concessions to the Palestinians.

I believe the non-interventionist foreign policy being promoted by Ron Paul is the best course for our country.  We need to end our aid to Israel and other Arab countries, which would be a big step in creating peace in the region.  Once they know we have a neutral position in terms of aid, we will be able to use diplomacy to broker a peace agreement, not create more instability by sending more guns, tanks and bombs to the region.