Real Debate Over Spending is Needed

Today, President Obama signed the $410 billion “Omnibus Spending Bill” which will fund our government for the rest of 2009.  In case you didn’t know (I didn’t until I looked it up) omnibus means that it is multiple budgets and programs all rolled into one big bill.  So, rather than medicare going in as its own item, it is tied with social security, education, and all other government programs.

The big debate today was about the 8,000 or so earmarks that totaled around $8 billion.  Earmarks get a bad rap because they go directly to wasteful pet projects of our representatives.  This money though, had already been allocated and was going to be spent anyway.  The only difference is who was going to spend it – Congressmen or government bureaucrats.

These earmarks are a symptom of the wasteful government spending, not the beginning and end of it.  We need to look at the real problem, which is massive government spending in first place.  We need to be debating the other $402 billion, and the record $1.45 trillion budget deficit for 2009 alone!  Everyone wants to reform earmarks.  Why not get rid of them altogether?

We need to realize that government (not just ours but any) has no source of income.  They need to create it, which comes in the forms of taxes, fees, and tariffs.  These massive budget deficits will either be paid for by raising taxes on us, or on our children and grandchildren.

We need to open up the debate and stop bickering about 2% of the spending of the entire government.  What happened to Obama’s “line by line” speech about the budget?  Do you think he read the 1,100 page spending bill line for line?  In a time when we need to start to save and practice sound economic principles, our leaders are throwing around billions of dollars like it’s nothing.  We’ve become so desensitized to huge, hundred billion dollar figures that we don’t even look at it twice.

We need to start over.   Just scrap the every government program and eliminate all taxes and start from scratch.  Only fund what is truly necessary and efficient, and then tax to only make up that amount.  We would all have more money and better run programs.  We can’t keep reforming and patching up broken government departments.  It’s beyond repair.

We need real debate and new ideas.  We need to open up the arguments that are off-limits in the media.  The debate right now is too narrow and they have us all focused on $8 billion, instead of on the other $402 billion.


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