They’re Both Wrong in the Debate Over Nothing

Over the past week, I’ve heard enough about Rush Limbaugh and the Republican party.  This is a good reminder of why I’m registered as an independent.  Even though I side more with the traditional ideals of the Republicans,  I can’t deal with the two-party bickering that we call “political debate” in this country.

First, Limbaugh said that “every Republican wanted Obama to fail.”  For some reason, not one Republican would tell Rush that he was wrong.  Not even Ron Paul.  It’s like they are too scared to upset him because of the influence he has with the neoconservatives.

The contradiction with Rush is that he supported all of the Bush measures and the increase in government spending.  He supports our foreign policy of nation building and imperialism.  He even supports the Patriot Act and Homeland Security which a true conservative would oppose.

If John McCain were elected president, he would be doing the same thing as Obama anyway.  There is not a big difference between the two parties, and both favor government interventionist policies.  The only thing Rush wants is for a Democrat to fail, and he’s wrong for saying it.

Robert Gibbs, Obama’s White House spokesperson then said, Republicans should ask themselves “whether they agree with what Rush Limbaugh said….Do they want to see the president’s economic agenda fail?”

The question shouldn’t be about if someone wants it to fail.  It should be on the merits of the stimulus and all the spending!

In time, we will probably look back at Obama’s plans and realize that they hurt the economy more than they helped.  I don’t know if that will qualify that as a failure or not.

Rush has taken the debate off of the stimulus package and the huge budget deficit and put it on himself.  That is the ultimate egotistical and selfish move at a time when we need real debate about real issues.  Ron Paul just introduced legislation to audit the Federal Reserve and that hasn’t gotten any coverage.  That is a huge step in the future of the nation!  Instead we’re focusing on Rush and trivial issues that should be in the tabloids.


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