More Obama “Change”

Today, President Obama warned of a “catastrophe” that would happen if Congress did not pass his $900 billion stimulus package.

Isn’t this just more of the same fear-mongering that has been going on in Washington for the last eight years?  Weren’t we scared with all the weapons of mass destruction Saddam Hussein supposedly had?  Weren’t we just scared into passing the first TARP bill because we were about to fall into an abyss? 

Now we’re supposed to sit back and not fight a wasteful trillion dollar package because of an impending “catastrophe?”

Aren’t we already into the “abyss” and in a “catastrophe?”  We’re in the deepest recession in 20 years, the stock market lost 30% of it’s value, failing banks are being propped up, and every day there are thousands of layoffs.  Attention to Obama – we’re already there, bud.

Spending and debt is what got us here in the first place.  It’s not going to get us out.  We need real change and real plans, not just huge dollar amounts and catchy names for the next bailout.  We need to cut spending and restore order to our economy, not make it worse by running around like a chciken with it’s head cut off, without a plan throwing trillions of dollars around.

So far, Obama’s “change” is looking like a continuation of the same failed policies of the Bush Administration.

Source:  AP


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