Does Anyone Pay Taxes?

I’m starting to think I’m the only sucker out there paying taxes.  If two of Obama’s cabinet picks, who are supposed to be our leaders, don’t pay taxes, does anyone else?  Is it strange that the working class pays their taxes, but these elite individuals end up owing thousands of dollars?

Today, it was announced that Tom Daschle, the appointed Health and Human Services head, paid over $125,000 in back taxes right before he was nominated to the position.

That is a LOT of money for someone to just claim that they “didn’t know they had to pay taxes on it.”  In fact, that’s two years worth of my salary.

It’s amazing to me that I got assessed a $68 penalty last year for my wife underpaying her estimated taxes for her 1099 work (about $3,000), but Daschle was able to get away with not paying $125,000 of taxes from 2005 to 2007.  Tim Geithner, our new head of the IRS, got away with not paying over $30,000 in taxes over 5 years.

Does it look like we need a review of the IRS policies?  Why do I get assessed penalties, and these guys get away with not paying taxes for years?  As taxpayers, we should be pissed about this!  How can our leaders cheat and steal and then expect us to be the ones who uphold the moral values of our country?

It just disgusts me that most of us work hard and play by the rules and struggle to get by, while our leaders feel like they’re above the law.  Wouldn’t you or I go to jail for owing $125,000 in taxes?  Why will Daschle just get a slap on his wrist?  The divide between the rulers and the masses is growing larger every day.  Will we ever push back?  Or will we just keep bending over and taking it?

Source:  Reuters

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One Response to “Does Anyone Pay Taxes?”

  1. johnbisceglia Says:

    It just disgusts me that I worked hard and played by the rules and struggled to get by, UNTIL the repercussions of NOT having marriage equality made me STOP paying a dime in 2004.

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