Obama’s Picks Not Very Impressive

Today, there were Congressional hearings to question some of President-Elect Obama’s cabinet picks.  Let’s just say like Obama, these guys haven’t really lived up to the hype.

First was Steven Chu, who is supposed to head the Department of Energy.  He previously had said that he thought we should tax gas to keep it in the $4 range to encourage alternative fuels and deter us from using too much gas.  Using taxes as a deterrent almost never works, just look at cigarettes.  What we really need to do is let the markets work and stop getting in the way.  If we stopped our subsidies for the automakers and the lobbying efforts of oil, gas, and car companies, we would have developed these fuels already.  Of course, he backed off his comments.

He had also said that coal was his “worst nightmare,” but changed his tune in front of Congress, saying the result of more coal use was a just a “bad dream.”  We have such abundant coal reserves, that we need to focus on clean coal technology and ways to convert coal to fuel.  We have been so strapped to the oil companies for so long, that we stopped any sort of innovation in other fuel sources until now.  Finally, the market is demanding innovation, and we are finally evolving.

Next up was Tim Geithner, the pick as the new Treasury Secretary.  Word comes out that he didn’t pay $30,000 in taxes on his self-employment income for almost all of the 2000’s.  Geithner did pay these right before he was nominated by Obama, but had penalties waived by the IRS.  Obama’s new Press Secretary played it off, saying that it was an “honest mistake.”  Seriously, everyone knows when you have to file a 1099.  Even the head of the New York Federal Reserve should know this!  What a joke!  At least we know this guy’s a crook before he takes office so when he screws up the economy even more, we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

His housekeeper also had her US working documents expire for the last few months she worked for him.  To me, this is a little more forgivable, since she did have her papers and they expired.  If you’re in a political position, you should probably watch for these things a little more, but this looks more like an honest mistake than not paying your taxes for years.

To me, if these are two of people who are supposed to be leaders in our country, we’re in trouble.  So much for all this “change” Obama promised.  Instead, they’re just more politicians and crooks, just like the current administration.  The worst part of all is that these guys are going to get credit for the recovery and all the new green jobs, when it all happened in spite of them.


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