AirTran – Security or Racial Profiling?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the Muslim family heading from Washington, DC to Florida on AirTran airlines.  They were taken off their plane by security because other passengers reported hearing them talking suspiciously about the plane.  They were interrogated by the FBI, then cleared, but were not allowed back on their flight, nor would the AirTran staff help them find another flight.  You can read the entire article here.

Today, AirTran issued an apology and offered to reimburse the family for their non-used AirTran tickets, the tickets on the other airline they flew, and a free flight back to Washington, DC.

This is too little, too late.  I know when I fly, and if I’m by the engine, I say to the person next to me, “Great, I’m by the engine” mainly because of the extra noise you get.  Does that make me a terrorist?  Maybe the family, the Irfans, were being too cavalier in their conversations and some of the passengers were worried.  That’s fine by me.  Everyone’s security should be the top priority.

But once they were cleared by the FBI, what excuse does AirTran have to keep them off the plane?  Then they wouldn’t help them book another flight?  That’s ridiculous.  The least they could have done was apologize to them, explain the security situation, and offer to put them back on their flight or the next one out.  AirTran’s staff completely mismanaged the situation, and it took the company this long to offer any sort of apology?

I hope that the Irfan family shows how American they are and sues the daylights out of AirTran for racial profiling and discrimination.


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One Response to “AirTran – Security or Racial Profiling?”

  1. David Says:

    AirTran did not apologize. They expressed regret for the misunderstanding, but they still claim that “the steps taken were necessary”. We should not let people or corporations get away with “apologies” when they do not admit to wrongdoing and do not promise to change their behavior.

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