23 Percent? That’s it?

Today, a CNN poll came out that 23 percent of Americans think Dick Cheney is the worst Vice President ever.

In the same poll, 76 percent didn’t know who Dick Cheney was, and the other 1% thought he was doing a good job!

In reality though, over 30% thought Cheney had done a good job.  To me, that is a great example of how uninformed the American people are.  Just because you’re a Republican doesn’t mean you have to say he did alright.

Bush might go down as the worst President ever, but to me, he was at least genuine in his efforts to guide this country.  Cheney seemed to be a behind the scenes power monger who only wanted to serve himself and his interests.

I don’t think Obama/Biden are going to do any better for this country either.  We’re just going to shift our war to Afghanistan and we’re going to spend until we have some sort of upswing in the economy and Obama will look like the hero.  Until we get someone in office who believes in the Constitution, sound monetary policy, and a non-interventionist foreign policy (ie, Ron Paul), we’re just going to have more “worst vice presidents ever.”


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