UAW Digging It’s Grave

They are already the scapegoat for the financial problems of the Big Three, and tonight, the UAW is making sure they look like the bad guys in this soap opera.

During negociations with members of Congress and the heads of the Big Three and the UAW, a bailout deal was supposedly really close.  It died when the UAW would not budge on pay cuts.  They said they would take cuts in 2011, but not in 2009.  Like they’re going to have a job in 2011 to get paid for in the first place!

The more hardball the union plays, the worse they are looking in the eyes of the public.  Who is going to have sympathy for them, when they get pensions, healthcare, and paid $30 an hour, when most of us have to fund our own 401k’s and foot some of our health insurance bills.  They are putting themselves in a very bad position, especially when Toyota, BMW and other foreign companies are keeping people employed and making a profit with non-union factories all across the Sun Belt.

The UAW needs the Big Three a lot more than the Big Three needs them, that’s for sure.  The loudest person saying “The Big Three are too big to fail” and “bankruptcy would be disasterous” is the head of the UAW, Ron Gettelfinger.  Why do you think he’s so adamant that the Big Three not go into bankruptcy?  Because he knows that when the automakers restructure, they will most likely ditch the UAW altogether.

The problem with their tough-guy stance right now, is that their tactics could backfire.  If they don’t make any concessions, the Big Three could turn to non-union workers now, with the full support of Congress and the public.  Why risk full unemployment for the entire union for a couple of bucks an hour?  Thirty bucks an hour is great pay for California!  They must live like kings in Michigan!

The UAW could look like heroes right now if they make the right concessions and act like they want to keep their jobs.  Instead, they are being uncooperative and are looking like the problem, not the solution.  I wonder how many union members actually are in favor of what their heads are doing?

All I know is that if they don’t get their act together soon, we’ll see the end of UAW within a few months.  While they might think they’re playing hardball for the benefit of the union members, the heads of the UAW are digging their own graves.


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