America in a Nutshell

Here’s a story about Jdimytai Damour, who was trampled to death in a stampede at a Walmart in Long Island, New York.  This story has been buried due to the tragic terror attacks in Mumbai, but it shows the sad state of this once great country.

Here we are, in one of the worst economic times we have ever faced, and there are people crushing one another to buy a flat screen TV on their credit cards.  Rather than stopping to help a man who was being killed, they stepped over and around him to make sure they got a good deal.  On top of that, shoppers got mad when they closed the store to investigate this poor man’s death.

What happened to the holiday spirit?  It has been replaced by greed and a me-first mentality.  We give gifts only to show how much of a gift we can afford.  We put them on our credit cards to boot, only driving us more and more into debt.  We’ve been living beyond our means, spending more than we make, and replacing savings with lines of credit.  It was our greed and need of instant gratification that helped build the bubble that is bursting now.

Hopefully, the one good thing that comes out of this crisis we’re in is that we go back to saving our money and respecting those that don’t blow their home equity and max out their credit cards on toy haulers and dirt bikes.  Maybe once we’re over trying to one-up each other, we’ll stop trampling those who are trying to make a living working at a Wal-mart and help them up next time.


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