So Much for Change: Obama Names Next Treasury Secretary

Tomorrow, President-elect Barack Obama will announc his choice for the next Treasury Secretary of the United States.  His name is Timothy Geithner and he’s the New York Federal Reserve Bank President.

The financial cartel in Washington will continue.  Now you have two members of the Federal Reserve in Ben Bernanke and Geithner running the finances of our country.

So much for CHANGE.  If Obama really wanted “change,” he would have gone with someone who is
an economist or accountant by trade, not a banker who works for the
Federal Reserve and served in the Clinton White House.  That’s just
four more years of the same failed policies of the past 16 years.

Think about what a Treasurer normally does in any other organization.  Their job is to keep track of the expenditures and income of the organization.  You would think the Treasurer of the United States would be some sort of straight-shooting accountant, right?

Instead, we get a crooked banker, who is responsible for getting us into the same financial crisis he is being brought in to try and tackle.  The Fed’s actions brought on years easy credit and malinvestment that brought our entire financial system to a grinding halt.  Geithner will just continue the inflationary monetary policy that benefits the banks and government, while it screws the average person.

Until we get a Treasury and a Federal Reserve that supports a sound monetary policy and has a plan and sticks to it, we will continue to keep trying to fight a fire with gasoline.  Haven’t they learned that they can not inflate their way out of this mess?  That’s how we got to this point in the first place.  They might be able to get the house of cards stablized for the time being, but it will be built higher than ever before.

Sooner or later, we’re going to have to rebuild our economy from the ground up with a solid foundation of savings and production.  I thought that Obama would be able to bring in sweeping reforms on the tails of his “change” campaign message.  I guess I was wrong.


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