The Auto Industry – What are the Problems?

I’ve read many articles over the past few days regarding the impending auto industry bailout, and I have not read one that really discusses the problems with the industry itself.  Obviously, something is inherently wrong when the Big Three are always teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

Of course, there are macroeconomic issues that are effecting everybody.  These are issues that are basically out of our control, which include the credit crisis, foreclosures, and the entire recessionary environment.  Everyone is facing tough times.  Why shouldn’t every small business get a sizeable bailout then as well?  Macro issues are not the reason for the constant struggles of the auto industry.

I’m tired of hearing politicians talk only about bailouts.  What about some of the regulations that are crippling the automakers?  Or the years of laws that were basically handouts to the Big Three?  We need to find the real problems, not just put $25 billion bandaids on them.

If we are going to bailout the Big Three, we need to have a pre-arranged bankruptcy deal with the government.  Let the Fed pay for all the outstanding debt these companies have.  During this time, Congress should look at every piece of legislation that has to do with the auto industry.  The UAW will have to make concessions as well.  Let the automakers shift some of the production to Mexico so they can actually make a profit, while the higher paying assembly jobs stay here in the US.  Make the UAW have to pay for health insurance like most workers do and make them fund their own retirement accounts.

While this will still cost the taxpayers money, it will help the Big Three emerge from bankruptcy on the same footing as the Asian and European automakers that assemble cars here in the US.  With less costs and more freedom to allocate production where it will be the most profitable and most efficient, they can focus more on innovation and research and development.

A bailout will just prolong the problems the Big Three are facing and nothing guarantees that this will help at all.  If they need $25 billion to get through December, will they need $25 billion more to get through January?  What if new car sales don’t pick up for a year?  We have no idea if this money will help at all.


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