Sorry Bishops, This is Not a Theocracy

The government of the United States, or individual states are not theocracies and should not be ruled by the religious beliefs of a group of people.  The intention of our governments was to allow for individual freedom and to not be involved in our every day lives.

Someone needs to tell this to the Bishops of the Catholic Church in the United States.

I do not understand the need of people to have to outlaw things they do not believe in.  There has been a huge debate over abortion for the last 40 years.  Now, there is an equal debate over gay marriage.  These are decisions that you and your church might condemn.  However, this does not mean that the government needs to be involved in them.

Why can’t these decisions be left to the individuals, their families and their church and beliefs.  If you do not believe in abortion, you will not have one.  This does not mean that there has to be a law against it.  If your church does not believe in gay marriage, or inter-faith marriage for that matter, then they do not have to allow them in their church.  Again, a law against it is unnecessary and will not change your beliefs.

I read that the Bishops are saying that allowing abortions infringes on the right of religious freedom of all Catholics.  I do not understand that statement at all.  They have the freedom not to believe in or practice abortion.  That is the essence of religious freedom!  By creating a law, based on your moral view, to outlaw abortion is the exact opposite of freedom.  What if that person is an atheist?  Why should your moral law affect that person?  Their freedoms are being infringed.

For the record, I do not believe in abortion, but my belief that government should just stay out of the issue is stronger.  Also, I don’t care if gays want to get married.  That should be their right.

We need to stop relying on the government to enforce moral or religious laws over the entire population.  A small majority passed Prop 8 here, and I don’t understand why that slight majority should impose their religious views on the rest of the population.  Leave these issues to the individuals and churches, and get government out of it.


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