Obama = More of the Same

Today, the incoming Obama administration announced they would use “executive orders” to cancel out some of the executive orders the Bush administration has signed, or will sign in the coming days.  Some of these concern stem cell research and drilling for oil and gas on Federal land in Utah.

Read about it here on the BBC website.

This, in a nutshell, is a big problem of what’s wrong with the government of this country right now.

These executive orders are an abuse of the power by the executive branch which contradict one of the main points of our Constitution and the founding fathers.  There is a separation of powers and checks and balances for a reason.  Our country began when we broke away from the Monarchy of England, and the founding fathers did not want to be governed by an all-powerful central government again.

Why is there no outrage among members of Congress?  Probably because they are part of the Washington establishment that is meant to take power away from the individual citizens of this country.  They know the more power they have, the less chance they have of being unseated in Congress.  Also, they know that when their party is in the White House, their agenda will be on the favorable end of these orders.

If the President can write an executive order about stem cell research based on his religious or personal beliefs, what’s to stop him from signing other beliefs into law?  It won’t happen overnight, but the more power that is handed over to the executive branch, the closer we become to being ruled as a dictatorship.  There will not be one leader, but the executive branch will be a small cartel of power.

The apathy and complacency of the citizens of this country is amazing.  I don’t think most of the people even know what executive orders are and how they are a slap in the face of the Constitution.  If you read this, please tell a friend or colleague.  The more people who know, the more our voices will be heard.  We need to put the power back into the hands of Congress and the electorate.  A weaker federal government and stronger state governments is necessary to the strength of this nation moving forward.  We need another revolution, started from the ground up, to restore this nation to the principles in the Constitution on which it was founded.

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