Don’t Let This Stop the Momentum

Tonight, we witnessed history.  Barack Obama became the first African-American President.

It was an amazing electoral season that lasted from the primaries until tonight, and there are still many races and propositions here in California that are still undecided.

The population has been energized and become more politcally involved than ever before.  What we need to do now is stay motivated, and keep this energy going.

Now is the time to educate many of these people on the goals of the founding fathers and the Constitution of the United States.  While they might have supported Obama because of his personality and attitude, the message of Freedom and Liberty will influence beyond words and empty promises.

While government might get bigger over the next four years, it’s not like McCain was going to make it any smaller.  Real change will not happen until more peoples’ eyes are opened and our voices are heard.  We still need to remove career politicians and put the Constitution first.

We need more politicians like Ron Paul, and more movements like the Campaign for Liberty.  We need real change and more choices.  We need bigger ideas and more imagination.  We need less taxes and less government spending.  We need less government intervention, a sound monetary policy and an end to our foreign empire.

So, no matter who you voted for and how excited or disappointed you are, don’t get complacent.  Now is the time to act and to really make a difference in our Country’s future.


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