Where My Vote is Going

Well, there’s only a few days left until the November 4th election, and I think I’ve figured out who and what I’m voting for the most part.  Here’s my quick breakdown:

California Propositions (The title is how I interpret them)

Prop 1:  High Speed Railroad Bonds

Gotta say No to this one.  While a high speed rail system is an idea that should be looked at, I don’t think that we should use government bonds that will put the state millions in debt to fund it.  We need to have private developers partner with the state in order to get this project going.

Prop 2:  Standards for Confining Farm Animals

I oppose this proposition as well.  It sounds like a good idea to let farm animals like hens and veal to live in an enclosure that allows them to stand, move around, and go outside at least once a day.  However, this will cost farmers millions of dollars to change their methods, and the new rules completely contradict California Department of Food and Agriculture standards.  Due to the rising costs of California egg production, it will be shifted to farms in Mexico that do not have the same starndards we have, and there will be an increased chance of disease and illness.  Sorry to sound inhumane, but I favor my health and safety, keeping egg production in California, and keeping costs down over giving animals some fresh air.

Prop 3:  Children’s Hospital Bond Act

Yet another NO.  This Act will authorize $980 million in bonds to renovate Children’s Hospitals.  At this point in time, the last thing we need is to add almost a billion dollars in debt to the state.  I believe that these hospitals will be better renovated and renovated more efficiently if it is done by private donors.  State sponsored construction always goes over budget, doesn’t meet deadlines, and the quality and value is lacking.  There has to be a better, more well thought out way than $980 million (plus over $900 million in inerest) to renovate these hospitals.

Prop 4:  Watiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy

Clinics that perform abortions should be required to strongly encourage the minor to notify their parents, undergo counseling, and explore all options before deciding to terminate their pregnancy.  They should not be required to give parental notification.  It is the choice and decision of the girl and her doctor.  If she wants her family involved, she will tell them.  However, if she comes from an abusive household, she might not want her parents involved and could do something stupid like going to an illegal clinic and harming herself.  This all leads to a NO for me.

Prop 5:  Nonviolent Drug Offenses

This is a step in the right direction, but more changes need to happen before a law like this can take effect.  We need to stop our War on Drugs.  It leads to much more crime and gang violence and fills our jails with drug offenders.  Now, it has started emboldening Mexican drug cartels who have kidnapped thousands of people in Mexico and are now crossing our borders.  Nonviolent drug offenders should be offered rehab, rather than taking up prison space from a violent criminal.  Good idea, but the wrong plan at the wrong time.  Yet again, No on 5.

Prop 6:  Police and Law Enforcement Funding

This will require almost a billion dollars to be allocated from the state general fund for increased funding for sherriffs and police that will mostly go towards anti-gang programs.  I don’t see how you can mandate funding requirements.  How do you know what the budget is going to look like?  I can see allocating a percentage of money towards these programs, but mandating a dollar amount seems excessive.  That’s another NO for me.

Prop 7:  Renewable Energy Generation

This proposition is flawed in so many ways, I can’t even start to go into the details.  It’s basically funded by an Arizona billionaire who could make a lot of money setting up solar and wind farms in California.  A lot of the mandates in this proposition are already slated to go into effect anyway.  It’s overkill.  Renewable energy needs to be a priority, but this seems to be one man using the “green” catchphrase to make some money.  No on 7.

Prop 8:  Constitutional Amendment to Eliminate the rights of same-sex couples to marry

I’ve already written a couple of other posts on Prop 8.  It’s a definite NO for me.  It’s discrimination plain and simple.  It will not force anyone to accept same sex marriage.  It will not effect your church or your family if you are against it.  Also, it will not effect the education of your children.  If you have a problem with teaching gay marriage, go to the school board and district and change the rules so you can pull your kid out of same-sex marriage teachings.  No on 8, no on discrimination, no on government intervention in our lives.

Prop 9:  Criminal Justice System. Victim’s rights.

Again, a proposition that sounds great on the surface, but fails the smell test.  Victim’s of crimes should be notified when convicts are going to be set free on parole.  However, we already have a Victim’s Bill of Rights in California.  If we follow this law, there will a duplication of effort all throughout the state.  It seems that there is a strong propaganda campaign for this that uses anecdotal arguments to create a blanket law.  That is flawed logic to me.  No on 9.

Prop 10:  Alternative Fuels Vehicles and Renewable Energy Bonds

Wants to use over $3.4 billion to give incentives for alternative fuel cars and researching other renewable energy sources.  Why can’t the state just give tax breaks for the cars?  Why can’t private companies invest in renewable energy?  Give tax breaks to companies instead of costing tax payers billions!  Too much debt for me.  No on 10.

Prop 11:  Redistricting

Finally, a YES vote from me.  State assebly and senate members should not be able to draw their own district boundaries.  There is a HUGE conflict of interst there.  Putting redistricting in the hands of a nonpartisan commission is a great idea.  Even if this uses a small percentage of the budget, it will help restore a little credibility to our government in Sacramento.

Prop 12:  Veterans Bond Act

This is a state sponsored incentive that I believe is necessary.  Bonds that will help provide low interest loans to veterans is a positive step in the right direction.  More needs to be done to help our veterans and to encourage enlisting in the armed forces.  I have never served, but I feel that more needs to be done to restore the military as a choice of profession.  This is a continuation of a program that has existed since the 1920s in California.  The only qualm I have is that provisions should be made to allocate money to those who served in combat situations.  Yes on 12.

Thanks for reading this guide and I hope this might help you sort out what is going on and how a “small government” individual sees the issues.

Also, this brings up one big question:  What do they do in Sacramento anyway?

That will have to be a post in itself.


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One Response to “Where My Vote is Going”

  1. Ray Davis Says:

    Voter Conscience Poll

    For the past week, I’ve been conducting a poll comparing voters’ conscience votes compared to their actual planned vote for president.

    The results have been very surprising so far. I am doing this for research purposes and want to capture as much data as possible by election night.

    Add your voice and please tell others about the poll.


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