No On 8 – Yes on Civil Rights

If you live in California, you know what Prop 8 is all about.  If you do not know, Proposition 8 will amend the California Constitution to say that only marriage between a man and woman is legal and valid in California.

I don’t even have to know the arguments for or against Prop 8.  I don’t care who is marrying who.  What I care about is freedom, liberty and civil rights.  Just because someone is gay, does not mean they shouldn’t have the right to be married and enjoy the same rights as married couples.

The main argument for Prop 8 is that gay marriage will have to be taught to kindergarteners if you vote no on Prop 8.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Each school district can decide what curriculum can and will be taught.  Many school districts already just tell students who ask about gay marriage to talk to their parents.

As a Californian, I can not believe so many people would support blatant discrimination of a group of people.  It’s funny if you go to their website, they mention nothing of marriage having a religous background until you go the “Testimonials” page.  Then you see almost every argument has a theological backing.

My question, to all these religous leaders who support Prop 8:  What happens if a person doesn’t believe in the Bible?  What happens if a Muslim wants to marry a Christian?  Or a Catholic to a Jew?  If two people do not have the same beliefs, how can they get married?

This question should be left up to individuals, families, and their own church leaders.  If a priest or pastor wants to marry a gay couple, then let them marry.  If a priest does not, then that is his business.  The same thing happens every day when couples of different religious denominations get married.  Sometimes they have to seek out a priest and church that will marry them.

The last thing we need is the government intervening more and more in our every day lives.  If you do not agree with it, that is fine, but don’t take away someone else’s civil rights in the process.  Also, if you do not want your child learning about same sex marriage, just have them leave the class.  We had some other students leave the class when they taught sex ed to us.  Just let the teacher know before hand.

In this day and age, we need to be more tolerant of each other.  We need to protect our civil liberties and freedom and equality for all.

No on 8.  No on Government Intervention.  Yes on Freedom.  Yes on Civil Rights.


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2 Responses to “No On 8 – Yes on Civil Rights”

  1. attendingtheworld Says:

    YES ON 8 – God created Adam and Eve! Period. This is what’s right. It’s not about liberty or such.. if we want to use liberty annd government intervention as arguments, then why shouldn’t we allow sex for teenagers.. in schools mind you, or drinking under the age of 21. After all, it’s freedom, isn’t it?


  2. bevans623 Says:

    I don’t disagree with anyone’s religious beliefs. However, I feel that those are beliefs of you, your family and your church. Why should your beliefs be imposed on others? Shouldn’t their decisions be left to themselves and their church?

    I’m not an anarchist either. There are common laws that govern us all.

    What I don’t want is government telling us what we should believe and shouldn’t and getting involved in our everyday lives.

    To me, I don’t see any difference between same sex marriage and marriage between people of different faiths or someone who does not believe in the Bible. If they can find a priest and church that will allow it, then it is not government’s right to disallow it.

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