To Joe the Plumber…

Joe, you asked a great question to Barack Obama when he was campaigning in Ohio, and now you’re an instant celebrity.

However, I regret to inform you, that both McCain and Obama want to tax you.  Instead of asking if Obama will tax you more, you should have asked him why both him and McCain want to take your hard earned money in the first place!

See, this is what’s wrong with the electorate in this country.  The promise of a $1300 a year tax cut, a mere $100 a month is seen as a big issue.  Sure, I could use $100 more a month, but will it really help me get a “leg up” like Obama said?

And why the heck is the Democratic candidate talking about tax cuts in the first place?  Shouldn’t McCain be doing that?  Isn’t that part of the party’s platform?  This is just more proof that the two parties are more or less the same, and as Americans we don’t really have a choice of how our government will be run.

We need to start asking bigger questions.  We are not happy with the status quo.  No one is happy with rising health care costs.  No one is happy with the economic mess we’re in.  No one is happy being taxed to fund all sorts of welfare programs and nation building.

I wish Joe had asked a question like this to Ron Paul, and that the national media had picked up on the response.  Joe and the rest of America needs to know that we don’t have to live with the way things are.  These powers to tax and take the fruits of our labor are not in the Constitution.  And the intent was not to transfer our wealth from one person to another.

So, Joe, it really doesn’t matter who’s going to tax you more.  It matters that they’re still taxing you and you’re too uninformed to question the policies we have in place.

Well, now you know.  So go out and support Ron Paul, a smaller government, lower taxes, and more liberty and freedom.

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