The Rise of the Libertarians

This election is proof.  Pretty soon, I say within the next 3 election cycles, the “libertarian” party will be a major player in the electoral process.  The reason I put libertarian in quotes is because it’s not going to really be the Libertarian Party that will rise to prominence.  It will be a party that wants small government, out of our everyday lives that is fiscally responsible.  It might start with Ron Paul, the Constitution Party and the Libertarians and morph into a major party, but the seeds are being sown.

The two major parties have become too similar.  They might have differences in certain policies, but they are minute when you think of the entire political spectrum.  For example, they don’t question taxes in the first place, they just want to lower or raise them a little.  They do not consider if we need our military in over 150 countries, they just talk about shifting troops from one country to the other.

They have also become indistinguishable from one another.  The “small government” Republicans have taken away more liberties from us than any “big government” Democrat ever would.  From Congress granting the President the power to go to war, to the NSA to the Patriot Act and now the bailout plan and our new Office of Financial Stability, the Federal Government is growing by leaps and bounds.

In the next few years, we’ll start seeing more of a backlash.  There are enough people out there that are dissatisfied with the direction of our country.  They know that the USA was set up by the Constitution to have a small central government.  After all, our founding fathers were breaking away from the British Monarchy.  The last thing they wanted was an overly strong central government.

Look at the following of Ron Paul.  This is a man who was able to garner 5% of the vote for the Republican nominee for President.  He has a beautifully simple way of politics.  If it’s in the Constitution he’ll vote for it.  If not, he’s against it.

This message spans across race, religion, class, gender or political party affiliation.  It is a message for freedom and taking back control of the country that was given to us in the Constitution.  Also, more and more young people seem attracted to this message.  They see the ways of the political machine and want to take back control.  Maybe it’s the internet or maybe it’s their “against establishment” way of thinking, but you can sense that change is coming.

I’m really excited that we might finally have a challenge to the two major parties, that might eventually morph into one, big government, moderate party.  It won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen in four years, but there is momentum for real change and reform of the central government.


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