The Blowback of John and Sarah

Blowback is the unintended consequences of actions you make.

Last week, while the economy was melting down and financial panic gripped the country, John McCain and Sarah Palin didn’t even give mention to the current crisis.  Instead, they were too busy connecting Barack Obama to a domestic terrorist who’s actions are over 40 years old.

I’m sure there is more to the relationship between Bill Ayers and Barack Obama than “just a guy in the neighborhood.”  However, I’m sure that the relationship was along professional lines and had nothing to do with terrorism.  Republicans and Democrats both sat on the same board as Obama and Ayers.  In fact, it was closely associated with a Reagan aid.

McCain and Palin were busy though, painting Obama as a man you couldn’t trust, who “palled around with terrorists.”  My question to the last statement, is why is that plural?  Is Palin trying to say that Obama is associated with other terrorists?  How do you see that?

Also, during their speeches, they would leave pauses for the crowd to shout things out.  Like McCain said, “Do you know who the real Obama is?” and someone from the crowd yelled “terrorist!”  Others yelled to kill him or shouted racial epithets.  Also, the announcers at these events would always introduce him as “Barrack Hussein Obama.”  That just adds more fuel to the fire.

This is completely unacceptable.  Even though they aren’t directly saying it, McCain and Palin are planting ideas in the minds of every American that Obama is a radical terrorist.  While most people can sort through the information and process it rationally, there are some people who can not and who might act out.

God forbid that someone tries to take out or do harm to Obama, but you never know.  McCain and Palin are only working up the public more and more with every verbal attack.  It’s a dirty and dangerous game they are playing.  It’s fine to question someone’s judgement, but leave it at that.  Don’t insinuate or even put the seed in someone’s mind that your opponent is the enemy.

The blowback could be disasterous.

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