Tried to Watch the Debate

I DVR’d the Presdential Debate and started to watch it last night.  I had heard and read some reviews about the candidates performances, but of course, none of the reviews actually discussed issues.  

Personally, I thought Obama presented himself better and was more forceful in his presentation.  McCain might have more knowledge and more experience, but he failed to match the performance of Obama.

But seriously, these debates are just a chance for the candidates to spew rhetoric and show their “fundamental differences.”  There is no true debate on issues, just some back and forth over talking points or minute details of broader issues.

I got so frustrated that I had to turn it off about halfway through.  There really isn’t a big difference between these two.  They agree on almost every macro issue.  It’s just the little details they actually differ on.  You can see why the average American thinks “wasteful spending” is limited to earmarks or that our foreign policy is limited to Iraq and Afghanistan.

If this was truly a debate between two distinct parties, larger questions would have been asked.  Instead of debating a timeline to withdraw from Iraq, bigger questions needed to be asked.  Among them:

Do you believe in nation building and our military having a presence in over 150 countries?

Do you believe in supplying billions of dollars in foreign aid each year?

Do you think our military presence on the Arabian penisula is good or bad for our national security?

Why does the US call for democracy and liberty and freedom but support unpopular dictatorships and not recognize some democratic governments?

Should the Federal Government have the right to take however much of our hard earned income they want and distribute to others?

Should Congress take back some of the power it has passed on to the Federal Reserve in regards to the money supply?

It is amazing to me that people eat this stuff up without questioning it.  The debates and the entire election process is to create an illusion of a choice, when it is really more of the same.  The electorate should be outraged that a real debate about real issues can not happen.  The Republicans and Democrats have shut out third party candidates and broder issues.  It is about keeping those in power today, in power tomorrow.

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