Debate Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, in Oxford, Mississippi, the first of three presidential debates is scheduled.  At first, it looked like McCain was going to try and postpone the event, but now it looks like it will go on as scheduled.

Even though I will be watching, I have a big problem with the debate process.

Other parties might be small, but their candidates have ideas the nation should be able to hear.  It is not fair to these candidates or the public that they get shut out.  They still represent a portion of the voting population.

Especially now, where the candidates have very similar views on almost every issue, the need for outside ideas is larger than ever.

There needs to be a more open forum, so everyone feels represented.  Instead of informing voters, the closed debates turn a lot of independents and undecideds off.

Last election, Ralph Nader called for open debates.  It’s not that crazy of an idea.  I just can’t believe that I’m in such a minority.  Is the rest of the country that satisfied with the two parties?  Do they even know there are other parties with new and fresh ideas?

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