We Need to Act Now!

Why do you think Henry Paulson, Ben Bernake, and the Bush Administration keep saying, “We must act now!” and “We must act quickly!”?

It is because in times of crisis, the administration sees a chance to strip more freedoms and liberties from the American people.  

They use a “trust us, we know what we’re doing, now get out of our way” mentality and it has worked so far.

Finally, Congress is putting pressure on them and fighting back.

We’ll see though, when it comes to a vote, how many of our leaders will actually back up their talk and how many will cave and vote the bailout through.

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One Response to “We Need to Act Now!”

  1. speedmeisterp Says:

    Since AIG is public funded now, does that mean they will start paying claims?

    Paulson has over 700 million in assets and was the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Paulson was appointed by Bush. This is nothing more than a huge plot by the super wealthy and Bush to orchestrate the stealing of 700 billion in taxpayer money. Its Bush’s grand finale, he and his banking partners and Paulson will all profit incredibly from this. Its Bush’s last stand, to grab as much money as possible from taxpayers and give it to the super wealthy right before leaving office.

    I have one question, when I sit down to do taxes this year, do I make out the check directly to AIG, or do I send it to the government and let them forward it?

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